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2023-01-30 02:37:54
`father figure nik` you are a full user now, welcome!

2023-01-28 22:59:34
`Painovoima` I think the problem is the same as with many other shows it starts out really well with a simple idea (piracy exploding - explains why etc.) then the story is structured around recruiting the crew but after that is done I lost track of what is even happening anymore - it became pure chaos with new characters introduced or re-introduced or hinted to appear later left and right and each one is more edgy than the last I guess that is also every anime in a nutshell .. 🤔 it feels like that once the planned stuff runs out you are just watching a dude riding a bull trying their best to come up with new stuff and just keep getting more desperate 🤔

2023-01-28 11:35:29
ok so I think I should address this sorry for not adding any new updates lately I'm trying to catch up with other projects and also busy catching a cold every other day.. but i digress (I hope things will improve once winter is over .. anyway everyone else seems to be in similar shoes - january seems to be a busy month) if there are any bugs that bother you or really want a feature remember to keep reminding me about it (uploads is a special case - but if many of you want it that is on the table as well) also i will be still checking the site at least every other day in case someone new joins because I need to manually upgrade anyone new so to sum it up for the next few weeks (months?) expect things to be slow

2023-01-13 23:19:37
I don't mean that it stresses the site .. it just I'm afraid of images being lost and such occurrences (as some of you spend 3+ hours on images .. I guess we have the offline backups but what if you forget to make one etc) anyway .. if this really happens and you made a panel offline you can always just ask me to upload it for you (if it happens too often I'll have no choice but to add a button for it)

2023-01-13 21:47:29
I'm afraid my challenge is still on (mentioned in some other thread long lost): as soon as someone figures out how to hack in photos to the tool I will add upload (that said - please don't use the site for big projects .. unless you absolutely must.. or at least consider using professional tools for that like Krita or Photoshop something.. remember that web technology is unreliable in general and not just this site - the web is held together by glue and prayer - which is why you probably want upload - so I'm not sure what I'm saying but .. nevermind I'll try again later )

2023-01-10 20:58:51
that is kind of you to say `Painovoima` I feel the drawings were lower quality this time.. I should do less and better panels 🤔

2023-01-10 20:55:58
he is definetly inspired by popeye 🤔 (and dragonball 🤔) I gave up on one piece really early on .. it just felt that it's going nowhere.. but that is most manga/anime I guess 🤔

2023-01-02 14:51:04

2023-01-02 14:50:31
happy new year folks! hmm.. I might need to alter the footer now a bit 🤔

2022-12-27 17:41:18
sorry I have no idea how to continue

2022-12-21 05:01:29
it will probably just bite back

2022-12-20 18:41:09
`Yitsul` you sure run a tight ship! `KMP` that is one smug turtle 🤔

2022-12-19 20:46:11
that is 3 birthdays at once so far! 🍰🎈🎉 🎁 what are the odds? also that sucks get well soon :(

2022-12-18 18:54:17
hmm maybe I should add that (but then this strip won't be that special anymore) 🤔

2022-12-18 18:47:28
ok ok I get it (it's just you guys seemed to have a similar style)

2022-12-17 19:58:03
indeed.. btw I was meaning to ask: are you and bananadoc are two different guys irl?

2022-12-17 19:50:36
wait you used ascii symbols ▓ for patterns? thats genius! 😮

2022-12-16 23:55:28
I know right? .. I did - ok there are a few episodes I like e.g. where the bighead guy is secretly a clown

2022-12-16 22:17:34
welcom `SirensPort` ! you're a full member (but I guess you figured that out by now - I tend to upgrade users after they draw an avatar)

2022-12-16 22:15:54
well you see in Hungary they figured that Nickelodeon was making adult cartoons for adults not sex stuff .. just that its stuff for adults didn't stop them from showing it to kids though 🤔

2022-12-16 21:38:32
another experiment with (almost) as much features turned on as possible note: this is a testing zone - feel free to draw anything - no rules whatsoever

2022-12-16 21:07:34
thank you - I'm just saying - Rocko had a much different mood with hungarian dubbing .. more serious .. more depressing

2022-12-16 04:47:52
- fix for group names ###### revision 1325

2022-12-16 04:39:08
`Yitsul` meanwhile I get my toolbox and figure out how the groups got broken again.. Edit: should be ok now

2022-12-16 04:35:17
I confess: I only ever saw the trailer 😔 but I feel I didn't miss much 🤔

2022-12-15 20:06:03
I don't even like nickelodeon 😔

2022-12-15 06:27:48
`Yitsul` please have mercy! - I don't even like Rocko :(

2022-12-15 06:26:43
welcome `Ucoustik` (you are a full user now)

2022-12-15 06:25:50
it's just a byproduct of how javascript mouse/touch/pointer handling works (I couldn't fix it even if I wanted to)

2022-12-13 17:17:33
so far only the animation backdrop seems to be broken - and only for the preview panel (seems to still work for old anims) and in user strips it uses the page backdrop

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