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making websites is hard

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2023-12-11 14:10:12
drat, I knew I missed some.. 🤔 oh well, thanks for reporting these 👍 edit: ok should be fine now

2023-12-10 14:24:18
Ok now you can toggle it in settings (formerly edit profile) [https://pchutney.com/editprof](https://pchutney.com/editprof#BOTTOM)

2023-12-10 14:23:09
- setting to enable showing NSFW panels ###### revision 1437

2023-12-10 07:34:43
well I'm doubly baffled if anything.. I didn't do anything at all 🤔 (schrodingers css?)

2023-12-10 06:02:06
thats good news 👍 now.. does this work the same way when you click on the dice? or you just shown the page you normally do when you click on underway or complete? 🤔 (so far my theory is that you cannot click properly on the dice in brave for some reason or another - and if so I guess the top menu will definetly need a rethinking 🤔 )

2023-12-10 02:49:13
i'm not sure how linux does this (it's like an anomaly) 🤔 ok just one more test (bear with me) what you get if you just press the link here: [https://pchutney.com/random_comp](https://pchutney.com/random_comp) (if you get 1920 things are strange) [https://pchutney.com/random_panel](https://pchutney.com/random_panel) (if you get 1996 things are double strange)

2023-12-10 01:58:35
ok I just rechecked the function because I thought I was going crazy: we are definetly using the php rand function for this .. can you give an example list of strip ID's you get with random? 🤔 (e.g. I did a quick test with the underway dice and got: 1911,266,1515,1185,1900,1858,1938,1815,1861)

2023-12-10 01:50:42
sorry, I can only think of financial jokes when it comes to 50 cent 😓

2023-12-10 01:47:23
I'm not sure what could be wrong with random strips the random number is generated on server side so it's really strange if it works differently for people 🤔 (one bug I'm aware of is that it sometimes tries to take you to a secret strip - but i digress) not sure about what to do with the button though.. maybe we could redesign the top menu.. ? 🤔

2023-12-10 01:44:29
I'm all for making it easier people to get into things but there is a few things to consider/solve first: - new users start as limited users and can only make new strips (for safety reasons) - in general it seems people are afraid to add panels to existing strips (that was also a problem in PJ it seemed to me that people got intimidated by good art and was afraid to add stuff) 🤔

2023-12-09 08:28:22
drat, I got it right the first time and undoed it 😔 anyway now it should be: open color picker pick color thumbs up replaces color and closes color picker x button closes color picker, doesnt replace color in the palette but you are still drawing with it

2023-12-09 07:15:52
`TeeEffDee` I think I misunderstood I thought you just wanted it to close after selecting 🤔 so it should just keep the color selected and don't revert back to the original in the palette? edit: added a quick hotfix - try it now

2023-12-09 05:06:21
`TeeEffDee` ok added the changes 👍 please check if this is what you had in mind (a little wrench in the works: I promised to finish up an unrelated project by january - because of course I had 😔 - I want to deliver the promised stuff and hopefully won't burn myself out.. anyway just letting you know )

2023-12-09 05:02:18
- color picker update ###### revision 1427

2023-12-06 23:00:39
ok here is a quick one: fifty cents + dollar store = he just comments on every item that he cannot afford it (no drawing, just imagine it)

2023-12-06 05:03:44
sorry but I think I'm gonna sit this one out

2023-12-01 01:16:03
47 problems but a butt aint one 🤔

2023-11-30 03:00:27
it's kind of the same idea as these UK adult toy shops: [https://imgur.com/a/kXBGgRn](https://imgur.com/a/kXBGgRn) it's a cheap way to get around not having settings for it (I was reluctant to add personal settings for browsing before because it makes things complicated, it has the same problem with features: suddenly you need to test out multiple versions of the same page to check if everything still works etc. 😵)

2023-11-30 01:04:18
that is another one for the todo list but to be fair it's not so much a warning label the whole point is you cannot see the panel itself 🤔

2023-11-28 23:59:48
she is pretty much one of the hardest characters you can pick to draw 🤔 female + muscles + fur + with stripes + cat in fact making something really hard to draw was kind of the idea behind her creation 🐈

2023-11-28 03:27:52

2023-11-28 01:47:21
damn, I was this 🤏 close 🤭

2023-11-27 17:57:27
hmm.. want to take over this one?

2023-11-27 16:34:30
I don't have any ideas 🤔

2023-11-27 16:21:49
he could be spinning his little ferrari 🏎️ keys with his little hands 🤔

2023-11-26 21:23:17
some reference was used: ![https://i.imgur.com/FDB5azA.jpeg](https://i.imgur.com/FDB5azA.jpeg)

2023-11-26 14:12:20
I'm sure it was just a convenience for someone and no mischief was involved 🤔 (and i'm also sure you know that and just making a joke that is flying over my head .. but i'm too tired to tell 🤔) anyway most of these updates will be probably only coming around dec 8-ish (I will be on holiday from work all through dec after that and will finally have time for this stuff 👍)

2023-11-26 12:14:06
sure, but if I remember correctly confirming works like this because someone asked to work like this 🤔 (I don't remember who but I guess we'll find out after I change it)

2023-11-26 02:01:30
welcome `Horse` you are a full user now!

2023-11-25 04:06:06
i'm not sure if those shows care about audiences anymore .. at least irl 🤔

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