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2023-01-11 20:30:00
Make sure to do the mayonnaise one

2023-01-07 14:05:15
Love to see where this is going. TFD is such a adorable fairy.

2022-12-20 07:14:15
`SirensPort` By the way, what's that dark green thing on reflection Jesus's hip

2022-12-19 19:30:04
`SirensPort` love your panel. I really like how you draw naked jesus's reflection welcoming NJ into his mirror land.

2022-11-15 19:19:58
Greetings comrad

2022-11-09 16:55:27
Nope, just Perpent doing his thing.

2022-11-02 22:31:48
"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." - Roald Dahl

2022-10-25 23:43:17
So alongside, doodling we can also take pictures on the internet and insert them into our panels?

2022-10-12 17:18:52
Is that a evil dead costume i see?

2022-10-05 08:27:37
Nice comeback, btw WC I send you a friend request and i didn't think you get it.

2022-07-17 08:58:28
Don't panic everyone, just been tested negative now.

2022-07-14 21:44:51
I'm feeling alright for now, doing another test tomorrow to see how i turn out.

2022-07-14 15:58:20
My mum ask how i feel, and i just found out I've been tested positive for COVID.

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