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2023-01-29 15:43:26

2023-01-16 16:26:51
oof... the last one is like getting pour down by the acid or something -sai

2023-01-14 18:00:21
In a comic, one way to produce a humorous suspense or simply signal that something doesn't exactly go as expected in a conversation, is to show several copies of the same panel successively. The dialogue may go on and external details may change, but the characters, or at least one of them, will not move an inch. Their position and expression will be a literal copy and paste. This conveys a feeling of stoic disbelief, utter cluelessness or mere indifference from one or more of them, from which Hilarity Ensues. The conversation where this happens usually doesn't go anywhere. In comic strips, the Identical Panel Gag will either precede the punchline or be the punchline itself. In some cases, the entire strip can even be made like this.

2023-01-04 18:32:25
A character completely misses a really obvious point for comic effect. The point is the sort of thing that any reasonable or informed person will spot and understand given a few seconds or enough information. However, the center of this trope is a person who, despite having all the time in the world and all the information, comes to a conclusion so wrong it's hard to be even further from correct. Commonly elicits a response along the lines of "that's not what's wrong here". Visual gags are often involved.

2023-01-03 17:14:27
One character expresses some concern about a situation, which is about being disproportionately concerned over something comparatively trivial, or with It's All About Me, which is about putting one's own interests ahead of everyone else's. This trope is about a character who has a legitimate fear that is then replaced with another, legitimate fear.

2023-01-01 16:31:12
A "double take" is a technique used in comedy in which a character looks at something or someone and then quickly looks back at it again as if they can't believe what they are seeing. This is often used for comedic effects, as it can convey surprise or disbelief. The "double take" can also be used to set up a punchline in a joke. It is a common technique in both visual and verbal forms of comedy and can be used in a variety of settings, from stand-up comedy to film and television.

2022-12-26 14:39:42
well... [references](https://www.paneljam.com/jams/19750/panels/)

2022-12-21 15:44:31
this strip based on this by the way ![](https://youtu.be/UrNobgi2dAA)

2022-12-21 15:40:16
so basically... there is 1 macaron left... and we do know that Pef LOVE macaron -Sam

2022-12-15 05:30:10
actually, you could do this in your computer too! i use this to do the zig-zag line or glitch/speed line effext

2022-12-14 18:27:56
Is it just me? or this theme kinda work with every panel..? ![](https://youtu.be/POxrDin4fj4) although this is kinda cheating... this song almost go all with the thrilling stuff

2022-12-01 16:28:31
right now the club I registered in the school going to start teaching PHP... well I could only do python... and a little bit of macro

2022-11-24 13:33:33
also there is an status effect like slow poison burn bleed etc.

2022-11-24 13:32:33
`Peyo` well right now we based the character on fighting game archetypes so there will be an "offset number" to balance the character to not be boring but also not cheap... like "Puppeteer" in the fighting game has the ability to actively control two separate persons or entities simultaneously. Usually, there will be one entity that acts as the main character, with the other acting as an extra tool puppeteer are high skill character Pro: can control the range from all the screen if they want to... in some case... Hugh Combo Con: both character can be hit... which lead to the character easily punishable if not careful But translated it in my game will be Pro : Range of all the weapon +2 Con : less health... and easily targeted something like that... right now i have like 18 characters... [p.s. this game actually could add "any" character and have their own mechanics (but i think it will be overpowered) like some friend suggest Zoro (one piece) [more powerful if their entire slot is malee] or Law (also one piece) [in 1 turn you could use "shamble" and could swap "anything" they could want in the radius of 3 block... which is 5x5]

2022-11-07 06:10:29
I thought of this "school tsunami" story as something like a traumatic thing that I think I have at that time... but it is stop after the last dream... the tsunami may represent the problem I had... from the first to the third dream... I drown... but 4-6 dreams... I still wasn't touched by and in a different way... dream 4 introduced to the stranger I chased dream 5 is a lost memory... but I think I survived dream 6 the person I pair with is my old friend from grade 9... and the tsunami is gone... before grade 9 I have a problem socializing with other people... well bully problem that's one thing... not trusting people is one thing but I also improve at grade 8th... where i kinda trust my friends... maybe these dreams have some detail i may miss but it told a story alright -the author

2022-11-07 06:00:25
`Painovoima` well i say i could remember "some amount" of dreams because of one of these reasons: 1. It is a very wacky dream 2. It is a half lucid dream 3. It is a series of dream continuation well i remember some dream based on that... my dream: 1. dream about wanting to go to a place that never exists 2. a half-lucid dream of being chased by a killer... that end up in I told the killer i'll come back... and doing something important before return to them to get killed... 3.a POV shot of adventure from some character like in third person perspective 4.a dream about being in the city that have no noise whatsoever... so you can't speak to them etc. So most of my dream is "dream/nightmare that I have total control of... but I let the story run as it should anyway"

2022-11-07 04:38:43
`Peyo` well there is a time when i look at the sea and my brain just thought of the worst-case scenario... so that's one thing... also in our country (belief?) that people that born on Friday will have bad luck with water and should avoid them... i mean... in the travelling way and there is something in the sea i guess? it is a interesting thought though -author

2022-10-09 23:24:27
nope... I couldn't tell... Ok... wait... maybe lower fps?... Ok that is better

2022-10-06 21:44:05
Sammy found this move in Certain.... fighting game -Sam

2022-09-30 23:43:06
Awww... i remembered read it In our school library 5 years ago have some book just like this!... well it is a dog version... just... little bit grim than this -The author

2022-09-28 10:34:07
Oh Ok, I understand... I will try to add something to the wiki sometime right now the author has a final exam my account is... um I don't know which part should I tell but I going to copy paste it I guess... Logged in as: G. L. (sam..._and_some_friends)

2022-08-31 02:23:51
to be honest... he is the only one i called best friend in primary school... he never hurt my feeling in all of the school years we spend so that's kinda rare in the kidgarden years we seperate for 2 years until we met in the primary school and spent time together for 3-4 years... he is one of the rare case of my memory keep remembered him and "amnesia" don't work against it... he is now taller and have low pitch voice.... but smart as i remember him.... i don't know if he forgot about a plushie he name "omelette"(he like to eat omlette via the name) well he forgot about me until i reminded him so that's cool? the search then come to an end.... -author

2022-08-27 20:52:06
context : https://www.paneljam.com/jams/16526/panels/ after 6 years of searching.... it come to an end.... for now...

2022-08-18 17:55:10
4th panel :there is 2 type of this fellas.. 2 for each (so 4 ) the smaller one is with the left right only controller.. perfect for simple player it is nerf if we compare to the other one but it could be edit the controller via coding that look like "scratch" the rule is you could edit some code for 1 minute [thing that could change - left right speed] so there were 3 types of as i thinking.. 1. average -no code change need (press 2 button same time to go forward) 2. speedster - max speed -risker but intermidating 3. Blayblade - change one of the side and make it the same... the spinning is so terrified and risky so almost no one use it the other is the big boy..with balance risk.. for high level player.. the joy stick is forward left right backward and have 4 speed setting stop slow meduim "suicide attack" can't be edit but I play this thing and have some strategy 1. speed could be change mid run so it could do the feint run or completely stop 2.the max speed choose be using when only going forward and center of the ring... don't follow up with backward or the car will lift it self and could flip and game over 3.this car could absolutely beat the smaller one if play safely when the two crash.. the one pushing will be this car

2022-08-06 20:42:20
let see if i use at right.... `battery` thanks battery.. the first thing i actually draw is the scarf and i thought of this song when i draw ![](https://youtu.be/oUevY6uH4Qg) and then the shirt and the pant are kinda inspired (a little bit) by jirachi cosplay my author have wear before... (school event) and then the other i just look up the picture of a bee and try to take some detail out of it

2022-07-11 15:29:39
all stamp tool

2022-07-11 02:14:58
"my goal are beyond your understanding" -someone who is simp for flash then turn into a bad guy

2022-07-07 18:31:51
well.. kinda -sam

2022-07-05 17:50:38
holy.... spray look ridiculously good..-sam

2022-07-01 20:26:07
well the spin jump is based on my kirby sprite spin jump made like 2 years ago -sam

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