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Where Did My Secret Edited Animation Go?

2022-09-14 01:33:20
`Peyo` This might just be me missing the obvious, and it's just a test so isn't a serious matter but I wanted to report what was happening. Wanting to test some methods with the animation engine, I created a new animation with 9 panels and set it secret. I edited each panel one after the other minimally and saved them until it reached completion, at which point it was posted to the site. (this chain of events was intentional for a test) I then edited it, and bumped the frame count up to 12 I think, and saved the edit. When I checked the main site my icon was replaced with a question mark and the strip was simply represented by the title "secret." So far so good. Now comes the question: How do I find this strip again to edit it? I was able to find it since I knew if I hacked the number of it in I could view it, so practically, I can edit the project no problem. But is there another way for me to access it or is hacking the panel number in manually the only way?

2022-09-14 01:38:27
`TeeEffDee` it should be in CLAIMED in the very first row (if it's not there we got ourselves a bug)

2022-09-14 01:41:07
`Peyo` Thanks!!! Right where it should have been, I just flaked on remembering what was where on the site. Problem existed between trashcan and keyboard! (PEBTAK)

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