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PJ Troll Slain?

2022-08-17 23:52:48
`Peyo` , did not want to bring it up in PJ, avoid the risk of the troll taking my comment as a reason to resurface. But you think we rid PanelJam of that one troll; Trollsaregreat? Your challenging him to drawing seems to have worked; fight trolls with troll art 😆 Even changed his name to something inoffensive and removed the 10,000 word count title on his profile that was causing page crashing. Now, seems to have just disappeared or lost motivation; perhaps even had a change of heart? 😅 I’m not one to usually engage a troll, almost always wasted effort, but this one was so lame and full of hate with his attempts to derail or destroy panels with comments that would cause page crashing on mobile devices.

2022-08-18 04:45:54
Ah damn, spoke too soon 😅 He’s gone and stolen your name. One, either he was so impressed by your methods, you’ve converted him to Peyoism; which would be great! Or two, an aggressive phase of trollvolution, where a troll exhibits mimicry in an effort to draw out an emotional response. Such odd creatures 😆

2022-08-18 07:51:24
next thing we know he will be drawing muscular cats 💪🐱 my theory is that PJ just moves slowly that most people lose interest (even trolls)

2022-08-18 07:53:03
btw should we take some countermeasures in case he or someone actually vicious finds this site? so far we only got this friends only mode.. and I guess if it all goes wrong I can just disable registering and clean up.. but i'm not sure if these are enough

2022-08-18 23:07:43
Ha ha, we can only hope that will be his next move, a welcome one to be fair 😁 Yeah, I thought about the chances of him or other trolls scouring the PJ Threads for ways to access this site or Dobby’s Discord, or even the one thread where lots of users shared emails and contact info. Wish you could delete comments in PJ from threads 😅 But if he did find a way in, I’m guessing you’d just remove him somehow? Or is that a more challenging task than I am imagining? Like an IP Ban as TFD suggested in a PJ thread once.

2022-08-19 00:38:55
unfortunately IP Ban can be very easily avoided with a VPN (simply put you can change your IP by accessing the site through another computer that has a different IP) and we live in an age where people finally started to learn not to trust their governments but this resulted in easy to use VPN services appearing out of the wazoo.. thing is I don't want to censor or moderate anyone .. but I don't want anyones games to be ruined either it's almost impossible to solve this.. the only sure way is what drawception did for a while: pausing registering for a few months when things get out of hand I'm just hoping that there might be a magical solution that I overlooked but I doubt there is one (so far I considered the usual suspects, e.g. employing moderators but from experience I know they tend to become worse than any troll could)

2022-08-19 00:52:01
Understood, yes, I suspected it was not so simple, good summary of what I imagine are just a few of the ways someone desperate enough to get in will take. The friend only feature seems like a solid solution to be fair. In that case, a troll could simply spam single player panels on their own, essentially burying everyone’s panels in a flood of panels depicting a variety of wieners. And I like your approach, I too prefer no censorship; not that I plan on drawing smut 😅 Nothing beyond some of the poo jokes and partially nude characters often prompted by others 😁 If anything, I see it as good practice to work in, around or ultimately ignore a derail or low effort troll. But then again, maybe I have not been drawing on these sites long enough to learn to despise them more than I do at the moment 😅

2022-08-28 19:05:37
Ha ha, `Peyo` , looks like he’s finally gone, and what a final comment he left us with 😂😂 Comment section in: He insulted you. You challenged him. He accepted. He lost. He converted. Finally, he fell madly for the Tomato. 😆 What a journey this wannabe troll went through.

2022-08-29 09:50:44
I think he just meant it for the image (I kinda doubt he is gone for good) sometimes I wonder if it's the same troll returning or if there are a handful of persistent ones

2022-09-02 06:11:22
You right, my friend, I again spoke too soon also 😅 Best I just ignore the runt, every time I mention him he comes back under a new alias.

2022-09-02 10:21:45
thats ok, I'm sure he was a 'returning customer' way before our time at PJ (what's strange to me is PJ got now 31291 users according to the regular front page .. I remember it was only 20k something a few months ago)

2022-09-04 18:05:06
Ah, true, did not realize he could be a repeat offender, ha ha. He seems to be on a mission, along the lines of destroying the site? 😆 Makes inefficient work of it if that’s his objective, aside from us, he gets virtually no response from his efforts, and everyone still going about their business drawing, no different than before he appeared again, people were already leaving beforehand for various reasons, don’t think he’s responsible for a single users absence.

2022-09-04 18:07:45
As for those user numbers going up, would be funny if his efforts had the opposite effect and instead he is drawing in new users 😆 But I wouldn’t be surprised if it were him and a handful of others making duplicate accounts.

2022-09-04 22:01:46
I now feel it was a mistake to engage with him at all he is clearly not going to change .. in the end some people just not worth the effort :(

2022-09-07 05:54:57
Yeah, sadly that seems to be the case, almost not even worth responding anymore, and I know we knew better than to get our hopes up, or waste time responding at all, but in my case, the site was rather slow and inactive, it was oddly entertaining (sort of) to troll this troll. I wanted to make various Jams of him and his kind getting stomped and slain by various friendly characters, armed with Emoji cannons since that seems to disturb him 😁 But then again, I’d rather be drawing in collaboration with you all, on both here mostly and still PanelJam; not leaving anytime soon. Besides, would hate to make a celebrity of him by using any of his likeness. I do enjoy when artists on PanelJam creatively make fun of his panels by incorporating them in different ways 😆 But ultimately, I just want to draw more and with you all if possible, not willing to invest energy or time in that bum.

2022-09-07 20:43:23
it just got old very quick, he doesn't even put in an effort anymore (like not even the minimal one) I'm sad to report he kind of broke me.. I just don't feel like drawing on PJ .. of course I do the things passed to me because I feel I'm obligated to but I think I know now how the others who have left felt

2022-09-08 01:55:48
That's one of the things that always has to be considered when running any site (or even just an effort such as an art room) is "What will happen if someone who wants to make a career of camping this site comes along?" There are millions of people who will literally grind day in and day out on tasks in MMO's and pay for the privilege, so it's natural there will be people who would love nothing more than to do the dumbest stuff imaginable on an art site, forum, or anything, and simply not let up. Those are the people who must be guarded against when setting an activity up. "What if someone comes along and decides to do the absolutely stupid to try and dominate the scene?" That's why it's great when users have the tools needed to fence off their efforts. Taking inspiration from the novel 1984, "If you want a picture of the future of the internet, imagine someone posting the same crudely made unfunny idea, forever."

2022-09-08 02:06:39
Understandable my friend, that is incredibly heartbreaking to hear, boils my blood to learn that little pest could break down such tolerant and imaginative artists like yourself. I’m only still on PJ for a handful of other artists still drawing there, even if I have not been able to draw as much since I moved (ready to draw now though 😁👍), I was still active on both sites daily, reading and checking out inspiring and funny art. Not that me staying or leaving PJ would make a difference, just still curious about the artwork certain artists are sharing there. You were definitely one of them. Also, hate the thought of some cancerous punk taking credit for killing off a site; couldn’t be further from the truth. PJ never meant anything to me to be fair, just drawing with you all is all that I valued. I haven’t been on PJ long enough to have many fond memories anyway, so I am not trying to save the site; especially not when something as great as PanelChutney exists. I’m about to go on a drawing spree, hopefully not sacrificing quality for quantity, but just like that idiot has been flooding the site with spam, going to do as many panels as I can. Besides, rather than respond with messages anymore, maybe do as what many others have done overtime; troll him back with drawings. After this spree, I’ll probably leave PJ for good, maybe I’ll aim for October 1st, and draw here full time. Only other place I draw anyway is paper and pen 😅

2022-09-08 02:12:10
Well said, TFD, it really does seem like a pursuit in seeking attention, otherwise, what motive could one have, even one who doesn’t value their time? Ignoring isn’t a solution either as you mentioned in another comment, think it was on Discord. Proper measures are needed, and I get it that JamFather was burdened by the site and no longer could afford time to maintain it, but damn, how hard is it to appoint someone, or hell, check in once a month to purge the unfunny clowns from the site? Or, implement the feature as Peyo did here, in what I imagine was a reasonable amount of time 😅

2022-09-08 19:57:56
`Peyo` , forgot to mention, no obligation on anything I pass you, it’s always exciting to imagine what you would think up, so a pass from me to anyone, I’d never be upset if it went unfinished or passed on. I’ve missed my fair share of passes, especially on here (Yitsul 😅🙏), hope no one takes it the wrong way, my time management for doing what I love is a wreck 😆 Know that I am ecstatic anytime someone passes me something, and I strongly consider more than once, abandoning my work and life obligations to get to it in time, no matter the consequence! Probably not the best move, but can’t lie, I’ve thought about it, ha ha.

2022-09-08 20:45:14
`Painovoima` sure sure.. what I kind of meant was that I'm not feeling starting new panels on my own I was originally make the passes here last to a week at most (168hrs) because of this reason .. (on the other hand Yitsul is not shy about passing it to someone else when it runs out so its ok I guess)

2022-09-09 00:29:30
Understood, and yes, Yitsul is anything but shy from what I have seen 😅

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