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Chutney WIKI

2022-07-21 18:43:29
we got a wiki now: [https://pchutney.com/wiki/index.php](https://pchutney.com/wiki/index.php) feel free to add anything you wish (note: you will need to make an user on the wiki its set up as if it was another page entirely)

2022-07-22 13:11:11
Wow! You are going above and beyond, `Peyo` ! Would this be for Panel Chutney lore? ๐Ÿ˜ Would need a bio for the many reoccurring characters ๐Ÿ˜†

2022-07-22 13:29:12
`Painovoima` its for anything you want I plan on making a help section for the site and will be concentrating on that but anything goes (role, characters bio, unrelated stuff, gossip, random stuff, personal blogs etc. anything)

2022-07-23 04:40:41
chutney help docs on the wiki already proving helpful!! some ideas on there for panel chutney lore things! was thinking branching pages from the side panel - had a go at finding as many named characters as possible listed as pages to go [ https://pchutney.com/wiki/doku.php?id=lore_characters_sonas ]( https://pchutney.com/wiki/doku.php?id=lore_characters_sonas ) hoping the character creators can change the page names for these, click the link and make the page for their character!!! and we can add lots of pages for more characters and places and things, yeehaw edit: I just learned about namespaces for the sitemap, so quickly stuffed them infront of those to-be-created links... hahah! dunno how to move existing things outside of remaking the pages with the right leading namespace? I like the chaos of it!!

2022-07-23 05:58:33
oh wait! I just realised I went in and did a bunch of edits without being logged in and it just let me do it by IP! HA! battery anon contributions

2022-07-23 09:17:08
that is a good catch.. I was under the impression that "ALL" means all users.. but turns out it means everyone (so it doesn't detect your IP it just let's everyone under the sun to edit.. and somehow that is the default) for now: you can still edit without logged in but I turned off file uploads for non-users (just in case)

2022-07-23 10:22:49
also there are various templates we can use for the wiki: [https://www.dokuwiki.org/template](https://www.dokuwiki.org/template) so far I tried Panorama Cake (which was not bad) and Chipped Snow (which looked good on the screenshot but then looked horrible in practice)

2022-07-23 11:00:21
wild west of setting defaults for the wiki! well, that's just one more reason to go with Dennis Plรถger's 'cowboy Template' - yeehaw ! went to edit a page right as you switched it to Panorama Cake, Peyo, and was quite surprised as everything transformed on the spot! but yeah that one was working okay when you had it on, even with the change of menu positions

2022-07-23 11:22:57
tried the cowboy one: it was not made with the sidebar in mind :( [https://imgur.com/a/s9fpiXn](https://imgur.com/a/s9fpiXn)

2022-07-23 20:12:53
also tried Notes Template which is a minimalist design so minimalist in fact that there are no log in or config buttons I could barely turn it off

2022-07-23 20:18:29
bs4simple this seemed good at first unfortunately it loses the sidebar for pages and insists on a large red triangle in headers for reasons unknown

2022-07-23 20:21:30
DokuBook Template brings the wikipedia look but insists on its very own crappy and confusing sidebar

2022-07-23 20:24:46
Klean Template I want to like this one but it has grey text on white backdrop that really doesn't work

2022-07-23 20:27:28
MindTheDark Template this looks nearly identical to the default one there supposed to be a way to turn it dark not sure if really needed for now the wiki uses this one

2022-07-24 02:17:21
`battery` awesome work with finding named characters from the site, love the attention to detail! Never thought Iโ€™d see Action Lad again, ha ha, gave me a good laugh reading his page ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† Canโ€™t wait to read more, such a neat idea.

2022-07-24 02:26:08
thanks `Painovoima` ! I'm going to find the lore bit of the wiki handy for putting 2 together to come up with panel ideas and to find character references easily ! a wiki that's so seriously formatted about things so fun also makes me laugh YEs! I like the image borders added in MindTheDark, `Peyo` ! I think you've found the one

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