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got them haircomb lookin appendages! mop lookin piano hands goin on... and the pretty glowy bits all around... where is she? is she making these lights or were they there already? oo
It all began with a finger snap
Kisque making huge and awesome galaxies!! or are they actually huge at all? Wizard Croissant boutta walk in, turn on the light and find out! 

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2022-07-05 03:31:57
hows this for the owner of the hands, Scones and Cones? you got a new chutney character goin on here! what her name... how bout... Kisque?

Scones and Cones
2022-07-05 18:15:30
Ooh, neat! I love the direction you took that! Kisque sounds lovely and interesting.

2022-07-06 15:10:04
yehaw, rolling with Kisque, Scones and Cones! and Mothbunita, hi!! you showin what Kisque can do with hands of so many digits - making the solar systems, woaa! I saw you claim and was like ooOO GET READY... Kisque boutta be Mothbunita Character Design Aesthetic'd (MCDA'd,))

2022-07-06 15:35:35
`battery` Heya! Are you Chepley on PJ by any chance? Also, heeeey!! I like Kisque's design so I hope you don't mind me getting in on it!! Ohh and I really love the art you've done so far!!♥♥ It's really REALLY good! Very inspiring to look at! And gyahahaha well thank god it's MCDA'd and not DMCA'd!!! Now that would have been tragic! xD Happy to see you!

2022-07-06 16:07:09
ayam Chepley on PJ! super to have you making comics with us too Mothbunitaa! Kisque will be able to boast even more character for having the iteration on her abilities, personality and look! I think its awesome. glad you like them! seeing ideas come together on the page is fun! I saw your works on Drooodle when you visited there and knew that you'd be coming here with some awesome panels to add! okay full disclosure I've been VERY EVIL and shamelessly cheaty at the moment for the last few panels... I'm making layouts/blockouts in blender and semi-opaque overlaying them over Peyo's drawing canvas using the html inspect so I can quickly paintover HAHAH hhehe... I imagine you and other chutneyfriends could use it in amazing ways, been hesistant to say anything though, because it's approaching not-quite-in-the-spirit territory again oop

2022-07-06 18:32:42
`battery` just be careful: if you accidentally draw it onto the canvas somehow it might not let you submit it: there is some built in javascript security rule where it tracks the origin of images and it cannot be turned off

Scones and Cones
2022-07-06 19:34:27
Glad to have you here Kawaita! X3 Much love! Love the panel!

2022-07-07 01:17:01
`Peyo` hhe - cheers for the heads up! glad you've got that measure in there so I don't just imagepost, very much prefer the look of hand drawn

2022-07-07 01:24:45
`battery` oh I didn't got it in at all: it's part of the language itself (some safety built-in all browsers) (I'm more concerned with trolls possibly uploading 'inappropriate' stuff and found out about it testing if they can)

2022-07-11 07:35:40
PHEW! `Peyo` thank you for making Chutney so forgiving, I accidentally duplicated drawing tab and it justifiably gave me hash error when I went to submit, thankfully backup system was there and I didnt even have to re-add anything... luxury!!

2022-07-11 07:38:31
`battery` neat! (finally something works)

2022-11-15 21:38:18
YEAaaay!! nice finish, Scones and Cones! full circle

Scones and Cones
2022-11-15 22:12:08
Haha, thank you! I figured it was time I gave Kisque a finished comic ^^

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