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Consider Adding Uploads

2023-01-13 17:36:54
`Peyo` Please consider adding an upload feature. Right now with the site as quiet as it is, it's hard to work up the motivation to use the site tools for a project. Having the ability to upload could get things going potentially since then people could share work they didn't have to be on a web browser to create.

2023-01-13 20:31:06
I don't know, I feel like that feature could potentially be abused. I quite liked using sites like DoodleOrDie or Drawception (and Paneljam) for the exact reason of being forced to use their built-in drawing tools. I always enjoyed trying to make stuff with those limitations.

2023-01-13 21:16:28
`PȂX` What sort of abuse do you feel you might anticipate? And does that cross over with you enjoying working within software limitations, or was that two discreet ideas?

2023-01-13 21:47:29
I'm afraid my challenge is still on (mentioned in some other thread long lost): as soon as someone figures out how to hack in photos to the tool I will add upload (that said - please don't use the site for big projects .. unless you absolutely must.. or at least consider using professional tools for that like Krita or Photoshop something.. remember that web technology is unreliable in general and not just this site - the web is held together by glue and prayer - which is why you probably want upload - so I'm not sure what I'm saying but .. nevermind I'll try again later )

2023-01-13 22:17:25
`Peyo` I remember the challenge, I saw it, but I'm not going to try and hack anything into a site, so that has nothing to do with me. I was just hoping to appeal to you to maybe just please add it in. Also I wasn't asking in order to use the site for a big project, but rather to be able to do panels without being logged in or being on a specific browser. That would mean if I got inspired to do something to post here, I could make it in whatever software I wanted, on whatever device I wanted, without an internet connection, and just post it when it was done. There's nothing subversive about what I'm asking. In fact, on the topic of the site being held together with glue and prayer, directly uploading a single-layer finished image is most likely much less of a stress on the site than creating the image in the on-site app.

2023-01-13 23:19:37
I don't mean that it stresses the site .. it just I'm afraid of images being lost and such occurrences (as some of you spend 3+ hours on images .. I guess we have the offline backups but what if you forget to make one etc) anyway .. if this really happens and you made a panel offline you can always just ask me to upload it for you (if it happens too often I'll have no choice but to add a button for it)

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