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Uploading Image Files

Jimy Spin
2022-11-28 00:49:14
This idea by itself could open up a whole new world for creativity. You could create a kind of art that would be impossible on this platform, you could render computer generated images and upload them. you could also use third party sites to put special effects on an image, You could also use a more suitable software... I guess the only problem is if we had this. The drawing tools on Pchutney would become pointless. But to make this less agitating, to those who love to draw the traditional panel chutney way... an option that could be toggled for individual strips by the creator!! Anyhow hope I'm not wasting anyone's time but this was just an idea I had so you can think about it..

2022-11-28 06:44:25
yes this came up before.. I think it was for a pasting from clipboard thing? and we kind of came to the same conclusion.. (it would make the drawing tool pointless) the thing is it's simple to add but many of us are against it .. anyway I thought about this since then and I think the best solution is to issue a challenge: if anyone manages to hack the drawing tool to paste images into it (like on PJ) we might as well add this feature (so everyone can do it)

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