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2022-11-16 18:10:30
`Peyo` I love the tool but the only issue I see with it is that it's pulling color out of whatever you stroke into. So for example if you stroke from inside an area of black out into an area of white, it will pull white into the black area instead of streaking black out into the white area. It's still a good tool I just wanted to point that out in case it was an easy fix to make it more intuitive.

2022-11-16 21:50:40
well that is the thing.. it's broken and unfinished and will be updated later .. but it's smudges things in its own way .. so it was added

2022-11-16 22:11:40
`Peyo` It's still a good tool to have access to so thank you for adding it! It is excellent for making textural changes.

2022-11-17 03:06:14
ok .. it should be much closer to the real deal now (still far from perfect) what do you think?

2022-11-17 03:13:57
`Peyo` Hey there, it definitely works more like expected so a step in the right direction! Now the expected color is being smudged. I am not sure if it was intentional, but I noticed there's a "burn" effect going on where even if I select white and smudge in one spot, it gradually darkens toward brown. I thought at first it was adding the selected color but it seems to just be doing a burn effect.

2022-11-17 03:17:02
no it's not intended something to do with the alpha maybe? I'm not sure what is causing it yet

2022-11-17 03:39:37
I experimented around and the same darkening happens on the example I followed .. we are on our own 😅 .. maybe we hit a javascript limit? 🤔

2022-11-17 03:40:56
`Peyo` I did some testing and it seems like as long as you're smudging on a transparent area nothing happens, but if there's color (Even a thin layer) it seems to start building through red toward eventually black, but if the smudge tool is set to alpha 100 it seems to build towards yellow/brown toward black.

2022-11-17 03:45:29
in the meantime I checked some more examples and all suffer from the darkening - i guess it's a javascript quirk so far one work around I found is to use a lighten composite on it -- but then you cannot smudge black at all also I have no idea what to do about the alpha not smudging

2022-11-17 03:45:50
`Peyo` I don't know what the math being used by the tool is, but it seems fairly certain that it's moving toward 0 value as the strokes are laid down. I can't really account for the hue shifts or judge why it's doing that.

2022-11-17 03:49:10
I have no idea what is going on with the math .. and the kicker is that it's different on each browser: the darkening effect doesn't happen in Firefox 😄 (it still doesn't smudge the alpha tough .. but nevermind) I guess this is one of those cases where we would have to use our own pixel manipulation code (and then it would be correct but very very slow)

2022-11-17 03:50:14
anyway.. so that is the official Chutney recommendation: use Firefox for smudging

2022-11-17 03:54:32
`Peyo` This is interesting reading but honestly didn't give a solution, but it does show this has been a long time problem. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4004463/algorithm-for-a-smudge-tool I'll test Firefox and see what it does.

2022-11-17 04:02:18
`Peyo` It's still doing the same thing for me in Firefox just not as intensely as in Chromium (I'm using the Brave branch) and with slightly different colors.

2022-11-17 04:08:18
I tried dissenter (which is pretty much just a branch of an older Chrome) and it also works correctly.. sometime somehow an update broke something .. ? 🤔 .. seems the best we can do is write a complain to google 😒

2022-11-17 04:10:44
`Peyo` That's interesting, I used to use Dissenter for Panel Jam since it gave the least problems, so maybe updates have been muddying the waters. Ooh as long as we're complaining to Google let's get them to re-think their lack of JPG XL support! (kidding of course)

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