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Request: smudge tool and...

2022-11-15 16:37:07
When it comes to more "realistic/picturesque" styles i find myself reaching for smudge tool(photoshop users for life) or messing with spray and soft brush I'm just wondering if it would be difficuld to include smudge/finger as a separate tool or use blur effect on certain spots? ALSO i got this issue both on PJ and PC - toggle color wheel, i imagine it being more easy if we could maybe have it in it's own pinned window so it won't disappearπŸ‘½

2022-11-15 16:53:22
`Peyo` I second the permanent color wheel! Being able to just select a color swatch, zoom over and adjust a color mixer that is always present, and have it change would be great. (I realize it might be impossible due to Java however but it is a great idea) Also of course smudge tool would be great.

2022-11-15 19:44:59
good news is I found a good example on how to make a smudge tool in javascript - previously I thought it might not be possible at all but turns out it's simpler than it looks - so that will come sometime I experimented with a blur tool before but bluring in general is really really slow (so far the whole image blur under FX is the best we can do) so I'll try to get the smudge work first and see how it goes making the color mixer stay on screen is easy enough.. so far I had the most problem scaling and placing its window anyway I guess that is something I should tackle next

2022-11-15 20:40:52
`Peyo` If you have an option for a triangular color picker I'd love that! Like the one that has the central value and saturation triangle and then the outer ring for selecting hue. Great news about the blur tool!

2022-11-15 22:27:14
I'm afraid a triangular color picker is waaay beyond my abilities right now 😨 (among many other things) anyway for now I updated the current one so it can stay open while you draw

2022-11-15 22:52:01
`Peyo` Just putting it out there but I can understand that being difficult, thanks for the change!!! I'm gonna try it out

2022-11-15 22:54:47
`Peyo` Wonderful, it's working, but one more question: is it absolutely essentially to require it to thumbs-up the change to the color before instituting it? That's just another step that's in the way. Having it just auto-update the color as the selector is moved would be super slick and get rid of an aggravation. Thanks again, having it remain open is great!

2022-11-15 23:57:58
it only works this way because it's copying PJ-s selector hmm.. thing is I can see why auto-update would be convenient (quick change) and inconvenient (current one you can compare to the previous color) .. so I can't decide what to do.. `KMP` what do you think?

2022-11-16 08:54:19
Wow it only took me one nap and you already made changes, we don't deserve `Peyo`!!😁😁😁 Im down for auto-update color change, hope it's not too annoying to other users maybe they got used to previous way

2022-11-16 09:15:09
Couldn't you still have it show the old colour for comparison until you either switched colour or drew on the canvas? Like temporarily keep the old value. Effectively, doing something outside the colour picker would act as the confirmation.

2022-11-16 09:21:56
Sounds fine! ^

2022-11-16 09:25:28
hmm.. how about as long as it's open you draw with the color you selected.. and confirm would replace it in the palette.. ? πŸ€”

2022-11-16 13:16:04
`Peyo` good idea for quick shade selection!

2022-11-16 17:48:19
ok I also added the smudge tool .. but I regret to inform you that it's also a dollar store version of the real thing it smudges alright just not how you expect (I'll try to upgrade it in the future)

2022-11-27 17:16:02
just tried and it works alright! with random pixels and colors appearing from time to time βœŒπŸΌπŸ˜‚

2022-11-27 19:08:50
unfortunately we discovered that blending works differently on each browser ..and sometimes between versions of the same browser .. we are at the mercy of the browsers javascript implementation ☹ what im trying to say is the pixel and color bug will probably stay for a while πŸ˜…

2022-11-27 20:59:58
oh well πŸ‘½

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