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Recreating this comic about legendary song Blood and Thunder by Mastodon, feel free to join and ✨reimagine✨ things https://youtu.be/bpoAcXu65TM and if you're wondering THE WHALE is actually from the album cover art


Blood and Thunder

Recreating this comic about legendary song Blood and Thunder by Mastodon, feel free to join and ✨reimagine✨ things



2022-11-15 16:11:30
(also you can draw separate frames i just decided to unite the simpler ones from beginning)

2023-01-08 08:29:32
Cool song, `KMP` ! I am happy to contribute to this one 😁

2023-01-09 10:20:47
THANKU `Painovoima` !!! i really need to know if that's a Jimi Hendrix reference😶👀

2023-01-09 11:28:58
Sort of, yes! 😁 It’s Brook from the show, One Piece. He is a skeleton pirate musician, who borrows inspiration from Jimi Hendrix and Slash, according to the shows creator. His screaming face was the first thing that came to mind following your skull like face in your last panel 😁

2023-01-09 20:24:20
`Painovoima` damn his creator did a good job taking inspo, skeletons are always dope💀💀💀

2023-01-10 03:50:28
Agreed, KMP! I think the creator also mentioned being inspired by Tim Burton's Jack Skellington as well.

2023-01-10 20:55:58
he is definetly inspired by popeye 🤔 (and dragonball 🤔) I gave up on one piece really early on .. it just felt that it's going nowhere.. but that is most manga/anime I guess 🤔

2023-01-20 21:53:11
`Painovoima` i can definitely see that☠️ Not big on anime myself, but one piece fans that i met went absolutely crazy abt it, good for them `Peyo` i feel similar way about most series, some are just cool to watch, at this point it's all about the characters :)

2023-01-28 12:59:54
Definitely met many who felt the same 😁 For me, only thing I dislike about anime would be that many anime shows do suffer often from too much filler, One Piece especially 😅 This might have contributed to the feeling of the show going no where, `Peyo` ? I was able to start watching it in 2020, when the world sort of closed, and I made it to 400-500 episodes in. Grew on me rather quick, and it indeed became about the characters for me `KMP` , I was interested in seeing how they developed, new interesting ones introduced, and some great action scenes 😁👌 Filler probably made up 30% of the episodes though, but I sat through them all, watched at a slow pace. Only reason I stop, was not due to lack of interest, just get busy and pause at a point where an arc ends and new one about to begin. I mostly grew up enjoying western cartoons myself, but do love anime, wish I knew how to draw and animate in that style more; like dynamic, detailed high energy action scenes. What style cartoon, if any, do you all enjoy most?

2023-01-28 13:04:38
This show, incredibly funny by the way, explains filler well, and it probably applies to animation or tv shows in general that are based off books/comics 😅 https://youtu.be/a4S9NuI6NKo

2023-01-28 13:05:21

2023-01-28 22:59:34
`Painovoima` I think the problem is the same as with many other shows it starts out really well with a simple idea (piracy exploding - explains why etc.) then the story is structured around recruiting the crew but after that is done I lost track of what is even happening anymore - it became pure chaos with new characters introduced or re-introduced or hinted to appear later left and right and each one is more edgy than the last I guess that is also every anime in a nutshell .. 🤔 it feels like that once the planned stuff runs out you are just watching a dude riding a bull trying their best to come up with new stuff and just keep getting more desperate 🤔

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