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Wizard Apprentice

Wizard Croissant
2022-11-05 02:48:23
I have been bouncing strips back and forth with my son for a while now. I've not discouraged him from adding to other's strips but I haven't exactly encouraged him to either. He's six and sometimes his story ideas veer wildly into non sequiturial territory. I was thinking that we can pass strips to the public for anyone else who would want to jump in rather than us passing back and forth. I do sometimes ask him to think about what happens next based on the previous panels but, a lot of the time, I just let him do his own thing. It gets weird sometimes but it's a lot of fun.

2022-11-05 13:49:38
I guess I'm speaking for everyone when I say: we wouldn't mind drawing with him at all (it's not like our stories make any sense either 🐡 ) as long as you make sure he doesn't see things you don't want him to see I'm fine with anything

Wizard Croissant
2022-11-05 17:19:50
I moderate and discuss with him. There are some topics outside of his comprehension but I try to explain things to him as best I can. He isn't fond of the word "stupid" it's like the worst cuss word to him.

2022-11-05 18:35:25
you are one responsible croissant 🙂 thats cute! my memories are a bit foggy but I remember back in my day six year olds used to cuss like sailors .. (the sea can be a cruel mistress) but then again hungarian has a wider range of light cusswords than english.. 🤔

Wizard Croissant
2022-11-05 22:11:16
His Episcopal schooling is keeping him in line. He tells mom and dad not to cuss. I worked with a Hungarian some time ago and she spouted "Mudderfugger" often, as an adjective and a term of endearment.

2022-11-05 23:26:55
I'm somewhat worried about this new generation .. they seem bossy ☺ indeed .. but there is usually no ill will in it: it's just conjunction hmm.. strangely enough to this day I still learn new words from my dad .. and so are the neighbours 😒 I'm getting less of a fan of working from home lately 🤔

2022-11-27 09:55:37
I didn't know you were a dad!

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